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On the initiative of the community of LARPers in Trøndelag a new type of cultural arena are now being built voluntarily nearby an idyllic lake in Haltdalen. Our grand vision is that this medieval-style village will be an arena for both experiences, learning and social activities, a lively place which many groups can use and thus create a teeming life!

The Village has evolved from that initially consisted of two shovels, a wheelbarrow and tons of work determination to today’s variety of houses, several hundred meters road and more plans for future constructions.

During the summer, we conduct a lot of different voluntary work, either as construction activity in the village itself or to raise money for the project. An elected board is responsible for daily operations. From its inception in 2001 until 2015, this organization laid down a staggering 19,000 hours of voluntary work in the project. Without significant financial support our voluntary spirit is our most important asset. We therefore hope that more people will become aware of this unique initiative and support us in building Trøndelag’s most exciting cultural arena!

This is some of the infrastructure we’ve already built in the Village. The Great Hall is clearly missing!